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Junk Cars Bronx

In the Bronx, a bustling borough of New York City, junking cars is important to the urban environment and the need for parking spaces is essential. 

We at Junk Cars Bronx remove old, broken and unwanted cars from the streets and private property.  Unwanted junk cars leak toxic fluids and take up valuable urban space, making our services crucial to save the environment.

We evaluate your car and give you a fair price quote offer, and if you accept it we tow it free of charge to you.

Waste reduction is achieved by recycling or using these autos for parts. Being densely inhabited, the Bronx has a lively market for such services, with offer competitive pricing and effective removal services. We help automobile owners get rid of their old cars and promote local automotive recycling and waste disposal.

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Why Choose Us

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We Purchase Any Vehicle

We purchase almost any vehicle except for RV and Motorcycles.

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Track Your Progress

We provide our services and have a systems where we track your quote all the way to the pickup date.

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We Pay More

We pay the most money for your car.

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We Are In Your Backyard

We fight to make the selling process the easiest of them all.  Say you’re looking to sell your car that has been sitting in the backyard and is begining to rot.  Is so easy to just call us 718-220-2151 or get a price quote online

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Go Green Clean

An old car not only occupies space at your home but also decreases the value of your property. A junky atmosphere is very harmful for one’s health, so Sell Your Junk Car to Junk Cars Bronx